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Costa Rica Retiree Residency Requirements

Costa Rica: Retiree Residency Requirements

Requirements to apply for a Retiree Residency in Costa Rica & official translation of your documents.

Costa Rica: Multiple-Entry Visa Requirements

Costa Rica multiple-entry visa requirements & official translation of documents.

Traducción Oficial Costa Rica Traductor Oficial Licencia

Get an official translation of your driver’s license here

2 min read Looking to drive in Costa Rica?  Then you probably already heard you need an official translation of your driver’s license to submit to the Costa Rican DMV (aka MOPT -Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes-).  We can help -we offer official translations authorized by the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  If ...

Official translation in Costa Rica: what is it and who needs one?

Have you been asked to get an official translation of your document while in Costa Rica and have questions about it? e.g. what makes a translation official? who is allowed to issue one in Costa Rica? When are translations required to be official? Well, read on!

More About Us

Today we thought we’d write a bit more about what kinds of documents we translate -beyond just saying “all kinds”.  We get so many different customers who need an #officialtranslation -which turns out to be just a small part of a bigger project for all them: some are looking to retire in Costa Rica, some ...